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Sick corydoras

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After application of the eSha 2000 treatment the corydoras’ bellies got improved a bit.




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I exchanged the water in the main aquarium after four weeks on 30/5.



Plants inhibition

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The aquarium survived my vacation. A challenge was the high water temperature which reached over 30 °C.



Aquarium overheating

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The addition of phosphorus to the water brought good results. The leaves of the plants stopped...



Modifications in the aquarium

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On 26/9 I noticed that one Cardinal tetra had mold. I wanted to apply the eSha 2000 treatment but it finished.



One year on

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A year has passed since I made the aquarium. Since the last water change, I’ve applied...



Back at home

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I came back home from Brazil on Tuesday 12/12 and found out that plants in the aquarium got grown.



Adjusting fertilizer dosage

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I was maintaining the fertilizer dosage as I stated in my previous article.



Next fish again

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In March, I was in France for 10 days so the Aquarium remained without my presence.



Echinodorus Hot Pepper

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The current Echinodorus plant has approached the frontal glass. I started thinking about...



Again... White spot disease

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Approximately one week after moving the fish from the quarantine aquarium to the main one...



Cooling LEDs using fans

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Necessity to cool LEDs using fans. Creation of own parts to fix the fans on the aluminium profiles; use of the 3D printer and corresponding chalenges.



Summer of 2018 ends

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Another hot summer is over. It seems that thanks to the active LED light cooling the temperature in the aquarium got reduced.



Two years and new plants

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Recently, the cryptocoryne and vallisneria plants have grown well. I don’t know if it corresponds to small water changes every week or if I found correct dosage of fertilizer.



Lethal CO2

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In December the Seachem Flourish Excel finished and I didn’t observe any effect after its application.



Aquarium Barcelona

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Visit of Aquarium of Barcelona.




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Changes in the aquarium to create rocks. Filter's output current redirection. Surprising NO3 values. Problem with an angelfish. Discovery of a quiet fans for the LED cooling.



New LED light

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The LED light worked on the aquarium for two years. The light intensity weakened and the epoxy coating turned yellow. I decided to change the LEDs. For the new light I used the white LEDs with CRI 98 and RGB LEDs which I placed inside the profiles with diffusers.



New fish and plants

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The NO3 level is low. I bought new fish: Angelfishes, Serpae tetras, Siamese algae eaters, Bronze corydoras, Ram cichlids. And new plants: Cryptocoryne sp. red mi oya and Eleocharis parvulus.



NO3 low... Easy Life or Seachem?

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Thanks to the new light the plants grow fast. In May, I started observing deformation of some plants’ leaves. NO3 was low. Comparison of the Seachem and Easy Life fertilizers.