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Fish purchase

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I bought Ram cichlids el. blue, Siamese algae eaters, Bronze corydoras and Serpae tetras. The plants grow very fast and some of them bloomed.



Automatic fertilizer doser

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In September, I increased the fertilizers’ dosage. The fertilizers’ application started to be more difficult. I decided to buy a fertilizer dosing unit.



Haus des Meeres

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Haus des Meeres in Vienna, Austria.



Fish and plants purchase

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I bought new fish and plants: Ram cichlid, Electric blue ram cichlid, Angelfish, Goldstripe corydoras and Serpae tetra. Plants: Cryptocoryne balansae, Ludwigia sp. Super Red, Eleocharis parvulus, Hemianthus callitrichoides and Cladophora aegagropila.



Filtration and fertilization

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The aquarium began to act strangely. The new plants did not prosper. And the other plants were not growing as before. Some fish died.




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Siamese fighting fish, Ram cichlids and Albine corydoras.



New hose holders

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The Sera hose holders started to crack. I decided to manufacture my own hose holders which perfectly fit onto the Juwel Trigon aquarium.



Four years

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The bettas are together with other fish in the aquarium and no other fish touch them.



Plants reduction

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I relocated some of the plants and reduced some of them. 



Angelfish fights

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Two angelfish started to fight to each other. The fights were intensive so I had to isolate one of them.



Layout change

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The aquarium was overgrown. I decided to reorganize its layout.



Aquarium Valencia

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Valencia aquarium visit.