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Sick corydoras

After application of the eSha 2000 treatment the corydoras’ bellies got improved a bit. But not totally. A week passed and the bellies continued swollen. I started thinking there could be something wrong in the aquarium. On Saturday 6/5 I bought 10 kg of new sand in the Super Zoo store in Břeclav. I put the new sand into a 25-liter aquarium but I had to wait for a several days till the water got ready to receive fish.

On Tuesday 9/5 I moved the corydoras to this aquarium. Nevertheless,one of them died by the following day. It was possible to see the other one more active. Its belly started improving. After almost two weeks it was recovered and it seemed that the disease had disappeared. So, I moved it to the main aquarium. In the meantime, the last corydora of the main aquarium disappeared. So, this one remained alone. But it was active.

I drained the water from the quarantine aquarium where the sickness had appeared. The sand smelled; so, the problem may have been in the sand, which I brought from the Dyje river. I would never do the same mistake. It cost me a lot of work to rinse it and it didn't worth it.



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