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This section keeps information about the AquaSky unit development. The unit serves for the an aquarium LED light control. One of the main goals is achieving smooth transition of the light intensity.

The idea to develop a unit was initiated by the article: TC420 unit review




Auxiliary outputs and protection against CO2 poisoning

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Another thing I finished on the unit is the auxiliary outputs. They serve to control supporting devices. Not only by time but according to the current or power of the light as well. This allows protection of the fish against CO2 when the light stops working.



PCB design and manufacture

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Successfully finished the PCB designed and manufacture. Tested the board with a load of 340 W.



Test with 24-V LEDs

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After a long time there's another demo. This time a 24-V LEDs test. The peak power goes up to 42 W.



Clock backup

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The time of the unit and the switch status are maintained when the unit is not powered.



Table scheduling

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Showing the table scheduling and simulation.



Data entry

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Another development preview. This time it is dedicated to table operations.



Application development preview

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After 8 months another preview of the AquaSky unit development.



First prototype

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The AquaSky unit development meant for me learning a lot of new stuff. I started this journey roughly a year ago. Now it is time to share my experience of the first prototype's test.