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Adjusting fertilizer dosage

I was maintaining the fertilizer dosage as I stated in my previous article. When I measured the iron in the water I found out that it was on an optimum level. Therefore I reduced the dosage of the Easy Life Profito fertilizer to once per two weeks; and I put only two Tetra Crypto-Dunge tablets in the sand when changing the water. Besides that I applied 20 ml of Rataj Mangan+ twice a week. Unfortunately, I’m running out of it and I haven't been recently able to buy it anywhere. It has a positive effect on the plants.

The glass CO2 diffuser got a lot of algae and the bubbles were not that small. I can’t easily replace the ceramic disc. I decided to buy a new metallic type with a replaceable disc. I ordered it on eBay. It works fine.

After all I changed the Cirax filter medium after approx. 15 months.

The last Ram cichlid el. blue (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi electric blue) died.



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