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Aquarium Barcelona

On 22 December 2018 I visited the aquarium in Barcelona (www.aquariumbcn.com). The aquarium is located in the port. It is very large with two floors. The upper floor is mainly dedicated to fresh water aquariums but one can see penguins, rays and jellyfish. The lower floor is dedicated to the marine aquariums where along various species of fish people can also find lobsters, octopuses, rays and sharks. There is a giant aquarium with the undersea world at the end where it is possible to dive with sharks for not so little fee. There is a glass tunnel along the aquarium with moving floor. The visitor is moving slowly around the aquarium and can observe the undersea life.

I filmed the aquarium and split into two parts.

Part 1 – upper floor.

Part 2 – lower floor.

I recommend visiting this aquarium for those who go to Barcelona. The admission is 20 € and it is good to reserve several hours for the visit.



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