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I exchanged the water in the main aquarium after four weeks on 30/5. But the Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' and Eleocharis pusilla plants were degrading a lot. I was supplying iron and manganese, but the plants’ state didn’t change. I started to seek information about adequate fertilizers. Finally, I bought the Tetra Crypto-Dunger in the Sklorex store in Brno. At the same time, I bought 2 liters of the Rataj’s sand Nové dno.

Due to my vacation, I had to change the water after three weeks on 18/6. I added the new sand and applied the tablets of fertilizer directly to the roots of the Cryptocoryne. I used three tablets.

In order to monitor the state of the aquarium during my vacation, I bought an IP camera VSTARCAM C38S with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is possible to remotely turn the camera - 355° pan and 120° tilt. It is capable of two-way sound transmission. The only problem is that the manufacturer does not have any application for the Windows Phone. Nevertheless, it is possible to use the camera on the desktop with Windows. I bought the camera for about US$ 60 on eBay .

Besides that, the last corydora which had survived the treatment, disappeared. For some reason the corydoras don’t survive.



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