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Two years and new plants

Recently, the cryptocoryne and vallisneria plants have grown well. I don’t know if it corresponds to small water changes every week or if I found correct dosage of fertilizer.

Another year passed since the aquarium start-up and it was necessary to buy new parts for the filter. I needed to buy the Eccoflow 600 filter impeller from the Juwel Akvarium (www.juwelakvarium.cz) store, however it was out of stock. I found the Peuker Akvaristik store (www.akvaristik.eu) where the price was same and the delivery time was shorter than the Juwel Akvarium’s. Thus, I ordered it from the Peuker Akvaristik store and at the same time, 1 piece of Juwel Cirax filter cartridge and 6 Juwel Nitrax sponges. I also ordered eSha Optima 20 ml which I was running out of. I prefer ordering this stuff on internet because it is cheaper and I don’t loose so much time. I received the items the following week.

Further, I decided to buy some plants from the already known page www.rostlinna-akvaria.cz. I ordered:

  • 1 piece of Cryptocoryne bectetii
  • 1 piece of Cryptocoryne walkeri lutea
  • 2 pieces of Cryptocoryne parva
  • 2 pieces of Staurogyne repens

At the opportunity, I ordered other things which are cheaper here in comparison to other stores: Easy Life Fertilizer 500 ml, 1 piece of the coarse filter sponge, 2 pieces of the fine filter sponge and the Seachem Flourish Excel 250 ml fertilizer. They offer non-original filter sponges which are cheaper. I took Flourish Excel just to test it. They say that its use will reduce the number of algae. I received the package quickly and in order as can be seen in the video. I just didn’t like that it arrived a day sooner than I had set up.

I put the plants into a small aquarium for a few days and applied eSha 2000 and eSha Exit to eliminate possible parasites. Then I planted them. Staurogyne repens grows well. Cryptocoryne parva does not grow any fast; it has lost leaves and the new ones are quite small. Cryptocoryne bectetti has lost enough leaves and just got new small ones. Cryptocoryne walkeri lutea has also lost some leaves but got new ones. It seems it grows well.

After roughly 7 weeks of the Seachem Flourich Excel application I can’t say the number of algae would have reduced. I’ll see if it changes with time.



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