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Angelfish fights

At the end of the last year, I noticed that two Angelfish started to fight to each other: black and natural. The former has been here since the beginning, e.g. since 2016. The latter is a little younger. Both are large. The fights were very intensive. In January, I isolated the younger angelfish for several weeks.

In the meantime, I bought new fish in the Sklorex store in February: Ten Cardinal tetras and one Angelfish. I put new fish into the aquarium with the isolated angelfish moving the angelfish back to the main aquarium.

However the fights continued. Another angelfish, the biggest one, started to fight too. After two days, I found the natural angelfish near the filter. It was almost laid. Immediately, I moved it to the isolation. Fortunately it was ok in the following day.

The Cardinal tetras were little so I left them in the isolation until April. Two of them died. Finally, I moved the angelfish and the tetras to the main aquarium. This time the angelfish fights were not so intensive. So I could keep them together.

In April I bough other fifteen Cardinal tetras and two Siamese algae eaters. I left them in the isolation until mid June because there were very little. One Cardinal tetra and one Siamese algae eater died. So now there should be 22 Cardinal tetras in the aquarium.



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