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New hose holders

A year ago, I installed the automatic fertilizer doser. I used four hose holders by Sera. However, I managed to install only four of them on the Juwel Trigon aquarium. It means, the fifth hose was located below two holders.

These holders are quite tall. So, they impeded the complete aquarium closure. They also complicated the filter or pump cleaning. They started to crack after a year of use. I did not like the idea of buying new ones. That is why I tried to design my own which would have perfectly fit onto the Juwel Trigon aquarium without any limitation.

I designed two types: for 3 and for 2 hoses. The left-hand side and right-hand side holders are different. Finally, I printed four holders on the 3D printer. The holders fit onto the aquarium on the first attempt. They hold the hoses well. They do not limit the filter cleaning. Moreover, they do not take so much space. Finally, I can close the aquarium without problems.

If you are interested in such holders, you can leave me a comment below the article.



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