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In June, a colleague of mine gave me three Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) which he managed to reproduce. At the same time I bought a couple of Ram cichlids (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) and of Albino corydoras (Corydoras paleatus). I put them in the prepared quarantine aquarium. Unfortunately, the aquarium didn’t have good parameters of water. Very high level of NO2. So I quickly moved them all in the main aquarium in the following day.

I had to move two bettas (purple and cyan) back to the glasses because they were chased by other fish. The third one was white and no one chased it. In the meantime, I changed the water in the quarantine aquarium and cleaned the filter. I applied one tab of Bactoesex. I moved those two bettas there.

They grew up in several weeks and they lost color. Now they are white. I moved them to the main aquarium. In the meantime, the Ram cichlid female I had for one year, died. Later the new male. It seems I will not buy new ones. The water may not have the right parameters for the Ram cichlids. Then all corydoras died – the new ones and old ones. Also one Angelfish red devil (Pterophyllum scalare) died.



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