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For a long time, I had four angelfish which grew up well. The oldest black one started to swim uncoordinatedly at the end of 2023. I felt that its end was coming. I had it since the beginning of the aquarium, i.e. more than 7 years. In January, I found it dead.

Black angelfish

I noticed that another one had some kind of mold on the body. It was at the beginning of March 2024. I applied eSha 2000 and Exit in the aquarium for a few days. But I could not do anything else because I flew to Brazil. I was out for more than 2 weeks. When I returned the fish was breathing very fast. I prepared another aquarium with water. I wanted to isolate and cure it. Unfortunately, it was late. It was dead by the morning. I had this one for about 5 years.


Silver angelfish

Two angelfish remained. I noticed they started to clean leaves. A few days later it was possible to observe their spawning. The eggs didn’t last for long in the aquarium. They were eaten by tetras within two days. The spawning can be seen in the video.




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