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Application development preview

After 8 months I’m here with new details about the AquaSky unit development. In this phase, I created Flash storage so the unit does not forget the tables and setting after a reset. The file system is FAT. I also created a data exchange protocol.

In the application for Windows, I improved the existing dialogs and moved the communication into background tasks. Communication with the unit is asynchronous; so blocking the user interface is not desirable. A lot work was creation of the pages to list the tables and to view them. I had to modify styles of certain objects and create some animations. It was a lot of new things to comprehend.

The unit currently allows to create and save tables to its Flash storage. It can read the tables from Flash to the memory or send them to the other side. At the same time, it allows deletion of tables. The control application fetches the list of tables from the unit. It can open, show and delete the selected table. However, I haven’t yet implemented the table creation, edition and saving.

The following videos show both, the application on PC and on phone. The application is same for both computer and phone; i.e. they use the same source code. I just built the application for Intel and for ARM. Running the application on phone represents a very small effort.



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