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Retirement of TC420 and time-controlled outlet for CO2

Having returned from my journey to Brazil and Portugal I decided to enrich my development devices with a 3D printer. It was not a small investment. But it would be difficult to provide a box for the AquaSky unit without a 3D printer.

I ordered the printer directly on the pages prusa3d.com and it was delivered in 3 days. I could continue with the box model which I had designed some time ago. A lot of time has passed since then, so it was necessary to update the software on my computer too. I adapted the box to the dimensions of the PCB, which are slightly larger than I originally planned. I also decided to create my own buttons and light indicator cover. This saved me the effort of finding and ordering these parts.

The first print of the box needed little adjustments. The second attempt came out precisely. The TC420 allows wall mounting. However, I didn’t want to create similar handles on my box. They could be a problem if I didn’t want to mount it anywhere. I solved the challenge with criation of a holder which will be screwed onto the wall. The unit will be simply inserted into it. Whenever needed, it can be simply removed from the holder without need of a screwdriver.

So, the time has come to retire the TC420. I removed the TC420 from the wall and at the same time, disconnected the time-controlled outlet for CO2 which I no longer need (see my previous article). To the place of the TC420 I installed the AquaSky. To switch the CO2, I used my own outlet which is directly commanded from the unit depending on the amount of power going to the LEDs.

The cables are connected by means of plug-in terminals. The cables are screwed to the terminal which is then plugged into the unit. If necessary, simply unplugged. After connecting, everything works as expected.

The process from fabrication to operation at the aquarium can be seen on video.



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