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White spot disease again

The White spot disease (Ichtyophthirius multifiliis) disappeared from the fish after three days of the eSha Exit treatment application, on Monday 26/12. Nevertheless, it appeared on the Ram cichlids (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) again on Wednesday 28/12. In the manual of the treatment, it is written that a resistive kind of the White spot disease exists. In such cases, it is necessary to apply the treatment for five days instead of three. I started the treatment again and applied it for five days, it means until Sunday 1/1.

On Saturday, I measured the NO2 concentration in the water using the Azotin test because I hadn’t changed the water for two weeks. I was surprised because this time the water sample didn’t color a little pink. I preferred testing the water again to make sure that it was not a mistake. But the result was same; it meant that the bacteria in the filter already worked well and the NO2 was not measurable. I didn’t change the water.

The following week, I was in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm so I saw the result of the fish treatment on Friday 6/1 in the evening. The disease abandoned the fish. However, one of the Electric blue ram cichlids (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi electric blue), a male, was near the bottom breathing very fast. It was dead by the following day. Another male disappeared without any traces. As one male died some time ago, I found it caught by the filter, there remained only two females – one common and one Electric blue.

On Sunday 8/1, I changed a part of the water with the sand aspiration. The brown algae already disappeared from the aquarium. I added Acidon into the new part of water. I didn’t add Bactoesex this time because the NO2 values were not measurable. I only added the Bioflor fertilizer.

I discovered that the common Ram cichlid has some mold near the tail. I isolated the fish in a small aquarium which I filled with the water that I had drained from the main aquarium at the water change. I only had the eSha Exit treatment, so I applied it. On Tuesday, I went to Hodonín where I bought the eSha 2000 and eSha Optima treatments. It is possible to combine the new treatment with the eSha Exit, therefore I used it. The mold at the tail disappeared, however the fish wasn’t in a good shape. It was at the bottom breathing fast. I put it back to the main aquarium but it survived just one day.



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