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Quarantine aquarium

After the sick fish experience, I realized how important having a quarantine aquarium is. I decided to reuse the old 70-liter aquarium that I had bought in the Dr. Šponar store in the 90’s. I needed some sand for it which I didn’t have. I was thinking of picking up sand in the Dyje river. On Wednesday 11/1, I went with Lancelot after the Viennese bridge where sand extraction is. There was a little snow and it was cold, but we got there. I picked up two bags of sand. It was not good; contained a lot of stones.

I rinsed the sand at home to remove the fine one, and I also removed the big stones. I then boiled the sand and finally put it into the aquarium. I filled the aquarium with water and installed the filter and heater. To set up a light, I used an aluminum profile, roughly 0.5 m, and warm white LED strip of the type 5630, which remained me. I wanted to utilize the other TC420 unit that I had as the backup. But I found out that it did not work properly. It was a problem of not keeping the programmed tables of values and the time. I found on internet that it is a so called NULL problem which requires the firmware to be reflashed. I turned on the eBay vendor to ask him to refund me the value I had paid for the unit. After some discussions (he offered discounts if I fix it by myself) he refunded the full price. He didn’t request the bad unit to be sent back to him to China.

I finally connected the light to a 12-volt power supply and let the aquarium run.



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