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One week with CO2

Having passed three days, the CO2 generation faded out and only a small amount went to the aquarium. Although I put the bottle on the aquarium to get warmer by the heat of the light, the result didn’t improve too much. I tried to add 100 g of sugar which had the positive effect. However, the CO2 generation started fading out again.

Nevertheless, I could observe that after a few days of CO2 application the plants grow faster and the PH reduced. I made the organic pollution test and the NO2 test. Both values were not negligible. So, I changed a part of the water and vacuumed the sand. I added the Bactoesex again to support the bacteria reproduction and the Bioflor fertilizer.

On Saturday, I bought other two Siamese algae eaters (Crossocheilus siamensis) in the Super Zoo store (Břeclav) because they were good to control the algae growth. I also bought one Peperred corydora (Corydoras Paleatus) and Juwel Poly Pad medium for the filter.



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