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Next Cardinal tetras

All Cardinal tetras (Paracheirodon axelrodi) survived, so I decided to buy other five. On Saturday 4/2 I went to buy next five in the Super Zoo store in Břeclav. I put them into the quarantine aquarium at home. On Thursday, I moved them to the main aquarium. The other fish didn’t react to them this time.

Ten Cardinal tetras still create a very small shoal. On Friday 17/2 I had a journey via Brno, so I stopped in the Sklorex store. I bought next five Cardinal tetras. I also bought the Rataj’s Colour Fe+ fertilizer to supplement missing iron in the water, and the Bioflor. At home, I put the new fish into the quarantine aquarium. On Saturday, I applied a recommended dose of the Colour Fe+ fertilizer.

On Tuesday 22/2 I moved the Cardinal tetras from the quarantine aquarium to the main one. The fish didn’t react to them andthe tetras joined their shoal. I think that 15 tetras make an acceptable shoal.



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