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New profile of the LED light

I’m very pleased with the LED light. The plants grow well and the aquarium’s coloration is much more pleasant in comparison to the tube light. Now the water is warmed up less when lighting is on. The water temperature used to get increased by 1 °C with the tubes light whilst it is only 0.5 °C with the LED light.

On Thursday 29/12 the sky became clear after a long time. It was an excellent opportunity to measure the sun without influence of clouds. I didn’t hesitate to start measuring the sun’s intensity and color again. I was lucky, because the sky remained clear for the whole afternoon and I could measure the sun profile until it set.

I put the values from the new measurement into an Excel table again. As the high intensity of illumination stimulated the algae growth in the aquarium, I decided to lower the intensity of the light. I decreased the noon peak from 4500 lx to 3000 lx and I recalculated all values in the new table with respect to this maximum. I moved the noon time to 1 pm and left the day 12 hours long.

In the following day, I removed the aquarium hood with the LED light and put it over chairs. I located the probe below the light and darkened the room. Little by little, I calibrated the values of the RGBW channels for the individual times to correspond to the new intensity and color. Due to the lower intensity, the highest PWM value was 63 %. It means that the regulation is coarser at lower intensities. The last values during the sunset are altered with step change without interpolation: orange, white, light cyan, light blue and blue. After the blue color the light goes off. At the sunrise, the order is opposite; it means the light goes on beginning with the blue color. The intensity changes with the color, so it creates a plausible sunset or sunrise.

The aquarium’s coloration is much more natural with the new sun profile setting.



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