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Ludwigia rupens

The aquarium got stabilized and it works fine. I changed part of the water after four weeks on Saturday 4/3. After the water change I supply a dose of eSha Optima. Moreover, it is necessary to remove algae from the glass with the two-week period.

The plants in the aquarium grew up very much and it is necessary to cut them regularly. The vallisnerias expand across the gravel very quickly and shade the aquarium. I decided to remove a part of the vallisnerias and replace them with the ludwigias. I ordered the new plants via internet from Rataj. I was interested in the shape they would be after receiving them. But I was surprised because I received a big box and theplants were inside in a very good shape. I took them off the wrapper and rinsed in clean water. Then I started planting them. I put the Ludwigia rupens in the back side and the Ludwigia rupens super red, to the center. I ordered four of both types, but less would have been enough.



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