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First water change

One week has passed since the aquarium was filled with water. It is time to change a quarter of water. Today I’ve received the Juwel Aqua Clean gravel cleaner which I ordered from the Super Zoo web. The price was good and it was recommended on the handout from the aquarium. I’ve also received a present in the package – bribe for the dog.

I started vacuuming the gravel. I found out, that the Juwel Aqua Clean gravel cleaner is not very practical. Moreover, there is a leak; the tube sucks in air. I pumped out the rest of the water using the normal tube without cleaner. I let sit the new water in the old aquarium a day before. I only use cold water. The hot goes through the boiler where some metals can get in. The cold water gets warm overnight and I put a 200-watt heater in the water right before the water change. I also add the Acidon in the new water.

I filled in about 40 liters of water. Again, I dissolved a dose of Bactoesex corresponding to the amount of changed water. I added the Bioflor fertilizer – about 70 ml per 150 liters of water. I checked the filter; it does not need to be cleaned. From now on I will keep the light on for 10 hours a day.

I went to return the non-functional gravel cleaner to the Super Zoo store in Břeclav. The shop assistants were surprised because this product is sold only online. They solved such situation for the first time. But they returned me the money. A shop assistant recommended me to rather buy a different type of gravel cleaner: Marina Easy Clean. He told me that he uses it and is happy with it. I wanted to buy a magnetic algae cleaner. He didn’t recommend it for the convex glass; he finally recommended me to use a washing up sponge. It is significantly cheaper and more effective. For the time being, I didn’t buy anything. The only one who profited from the non-functional gravel cleaner was Lancelot; he got the present from the package - dog snack.



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