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First crew

It has already been four days since I filled the aquarium with water. I performed the PH test and its result shows that the PH value has the tendency to get back to the initial value. I added the Acidon and liquid CO2 again to reduce the PH value. However, I think that I will not reach the desirable PH without permanent application of CO2.

I measured the organic pollution using the Antialgae test and it does not indicate any pollution. I also measured the amount of NO2 in the water by the Azotin test. The resulting color is slightly pink; it means that there is little NO2. It is a usual state because the bacteria haven’t yet got sufficiently reproduced. However, the NO2 presence can provoke growth of algae. That’s why I decided to add some algae eating fish.

As today is Sunday, very few stores will be open. Fortunately, the Super Zoo store in Břeclav at the Tesco shopping center is open every day. Better said, it used to be until the politicians came up with that stupid law forcing stores to be closed on certain national holidays.

I bought three fish called Siamese algae eater (Crossocheilus siamensis) and two Bristlenose pleco (Ancistrus) – common and red. I also bought vegetable Pleco VeggieWafers to feed them. At home, I let them in the aquarium. Before letting them in, I let the bag in the water in the aquarium to equilibrate the temperature inside the bag. Then I added a bit of the aquarium water into the bag so the fish get used to that water. I also added 3 little snails to the aquarium; they remained in the aquarium where I left the plants overnight.



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