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My first contact with fishkeeping was in the age of 14. Nevertheless, in the age of 23 I had to give up because of my work, travelling, and missing space in my flat. Approximately 15 years later I decided to get back to fishkeeping.

My idea was a tank of at least 150 liters and designed to fit into the corner of the living room. So that one can benefit from the calm that the aquatic life transmits. During my research on internet I realized that fishkeeping products advanced in the last 15 years. I managed to find the Juwel Trigon 190-liter aquarium that fits into the coin and even more, convex. It came equipped with a filter, heater, frame, light, and option of a cabinet below. It was not necessary to make adjustments. But, I was sure that I would replace the tube light with the LED one.Trigon

As I may be out sometimes, I ordered an automatic feeder at the same time. It should be able to feed for about 30 days. At the same time, I ordered the Cirax component to the filter.

The Juwel brand offers various option 3D backgrounds for the back sides of the aquarium as well as to cover the filter box. The shop offers fitting of the background for a small fee and I used this service.



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