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Aquarium delivered

The aquarium was delivered on 8/11. Really a huge box that required two of us to bring to our flat. After opening the box, I could feel some smell of the silicon glue from the background pasting. Keeping the tank in the box, I slightly washed it and kept some water at the bed to observer that there are no leaks. I started mounting the cabinet. It was notable that it had been made in Germany - everything slotted in well. The only problem was the insufficient number of robust screws - missing 13 pieces and some sticks for the shelves inside of the cabinet.puvodni-dekorace.jpg

The aquarium was put on the cabinet on 11/11 and I started with the decoration. I had brought nice stones and gross sand from the Adriatic See in 2001. In that time, we brought it by train from Croatia to the Czech Republic. In Hodonín I bought an additional big stone and some wood. I also bought some sand - 2 packs of Old Bed by Rataj and 4 packs of New Bed. And I started with the arrangement.

Reading some information on the web, I found out that the big stone is calcareous and it would change the water parameters. It is possible it can inconvenience plants and fish. I tested the remaining stones with vinegar and I have to state that all those stones from the sea are calcareous too and it will be better avoiding them. I need time to look for a solution... 



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