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Welcome to Jarek's Underwater Life.

Interested in fishkeeping? Want to have an aquarium? Or just looking for something to read?

The objective of this site is demonstrating my experience with fishkeeping.

Don't know where to start? You can learn what to consider when you want to create your own aquarium.

Frequently out of home? You can learn how to automate your aquarium.

Bored by the on/off light? You can learn how easy it is to build your own energy efficient light that will imitate daylight from the sunrise to the sunset.



Aquarium Barcelona

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Visit of Aquarium of Barcelona.



Lethal CO2

/ Section: Diary / Comments: 0

In December the Seachem Flourish Excel finished and I didn’t observe any effect after its application.



Two years and new plants

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Recently, the cryptocoryne and vallisneria plants have grown well. I don’t know if it corresponds to small water changes every week or if I found correct dosage of fertilizer.



Summer of 2018 ends

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Another hot summer is over. It seems that thanks to the active LED light cooling the temperature in the aquarium got reduced.



Cooling LEDs using fans

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Necessity to cool LEDs using fans. Creation of own parts to fix the fans on the aluminium profiles; use of the 3D printer and corresponding chalenges.