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Lethal CO2

/ Section: Diary / Comments: 0

In December the Seachem Flourish Excel finished and I didn’t observe any effect after its application.



Aquarium Barcelona

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Visit of Aquarium of Barcelona.




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Changes in the aquarium to create rocks. Filter's output current redirection. Surprising NO3 values. Problem with an angelfish. Discovery of a quiet fans for the LED cooling.



New LED light

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The LED light worked on the aquarium for two years. The light intensity weakened and the epoxy coating turned yellow. I decided to change the LEDs. For the new light I used the white LEDs with CRI 98 and RGB LEDs which I placed inside the profiles with diffusers.



New fish and plants

/ Section: Diary / Pictures: 05/2019 / Comments: 0

The NO3 level is low. I bought new fish: Angelfishes, Serpae tetras, Siamese algae eaters, Bronze corydoras, Ram cichlids. And new plants: Cryptocoryne sp. red mi oya and Eleocharis parvulus.



First prototype

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The AquaSky unit development meant for me learning a lot of new stuff. I started this journey roughly a year ago. Now it is time to share my experience of the first prototype's test.



NO3 low... Easy Life or Seachem?

/ Section: Diary / Pictures: 08/2019 / Comments: 0

Thanks to the new light the plants grow fast. In May, I started observing deformation of some plants’ leaves. NO3 was low. Comparison of the Seachem and Easy Life fertilizers.



Fish purchase

/ Section: Diary / Pictures: 10/2019 / Comments: 0

I bought Ram cichlids el. blue, Siamese algae eaters, Bronze corydoras and Serpae tetras. The plants grow very fast and some of them bloomed.



Automatic fertilizer doser

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In September, I increased the fertilizers’ dosage. The fertilizers’ application started to be more difficult. I decided to buy a fertilizer dosing unit.


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